Graft added to Satoshis Mines in landslide victory!

I have never seen anything quite like this…

Right from the outset when Graft was nominated to be added to Satoshis Mines at the beginning of April, it was clear that it had a very good chance of success. But I never imagined it would be by such a HUGE margin.

Each month Satoshis Mines runs an algorithm to find the 12 best masternode coins that are not already added to their shared masternode hosting service. Users of the platform then get to vote on which coins they would like to see added.

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41% of the investors at Satoshis Mines selected Graft — this is the largest victory so far and will no doubt take a long before it is surpassed, if ever!

So what is so great about Graft?

Graft is an open source non-for profit project that has attracted a strong following due to the nature of their goals, goals which they are well on their way to completing.

The aim of Graft is to create a payment processing network that functions similar to a credit card processing network with off-chain authorizations and in-network atomic swap based interchanges. The network is completely decentralized, able to work cross borders and adapting to local regulatory environment. In addition to decentralization, GRAFT solves four biggest problems that exist in cryptocurrency at a point-of-sale today — privacy, speed, fees, and integration.

In a nut-shell Graft are in the process of building a blockchain that will allow real brick and mortar shops and local services to accept all kinds of crypto and fiat currencies as payment. The customer is then free to use their currency of choice and the merchant also receives payment in whatever currency they prefer.
All this done using the same style Verifone POS (point of sale) you are likely already familiar using in shops all over the world.

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The entire system is decentralised and anyone can chose to be a part of the network and receive rewards.
For those that cannot afford to stake an entire Graft Supernode on their own or just do not have the technical ability there is no problem, that is where Satoshis Mines steps in ;-)

Having kept a close eye on the Graft network ever since their ICO over a year ago, I have witnessed some serious dedication to developing this project.

Could you see yourself using one of these Verifone/Graft POS in a shop near you in the next five years?
I certainly could!

Graft could become the reverse of PayPal!
Just as PayPal made it easy for shops and small business to collect payments online, likewise Graft could be what makes it easy for brick and mortar businesses operating offline to accept payments in all major cryptocurrencies.

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Do you know of any other products that could compete with Graft?
please comment below…

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