New LIVE Daily Trading Signals

The Moocharoo Ninja website has just been through a huge upgrade to the new MN2.0 version of the site.

May the 4th, was selected as the launch date and despite the setbacks caused by the corona virus the launch continued as planned (although not all pages, new tools/features were ready to go live).

Moocharoo Ninja’s FREE trading signals for cryptocurrencies has been the most visited page on the site, and it just got even better!

No need to login… you can now see the signals of 12 selected cryptocurrencies whenever you like.

However to see all 100 signals you will need to login as usual.

The 100 signals are made up of the top 50 cryptocurrencies that have been consistently in the top 100 coins in terms of market capitalization over the last 3 years.

Whereas the 50 blue chip stocks have been selected as they have performed the best in terms of P/E ratio and dividend yield over the same period.

The NEW Master Signals

Back in the old Moocharoo Ninja where anyone who upgraded became a Master ninja for LIFE! We could just send everyone over to a Telegram Signals group with no worries of anyone leaving since everyone was a LIFETIME member.

Now things have changed…

While those already in are ninjas for life, anyone new wishing to join will pay for access on a yearly basis. This means we have to know who each member is in the Telegram group so that we can remove anyone that chooses to withdraw from membership.

How to get the Master Signal auto notifications on your phone and desktop?

Firstly it may be worth mentioning that as the name suggests “Master Signals” are the signals that use a more advanced strategy and are proven to yield much higher returns than following the free standard signals.

Therefore access to the Master Signals is only for people with the rank of Master Ninja.

Step 1. Login in and go to your account page by clicking on you name at the top right corner of the page.

Scroll down a little to the tabs and click “SETTINGS” there you will see a blue button to log in to Telegram. This is how we keep a record of who is who in the Telegram group (so many using fake names!)

You will need to follow the instruction from Telegram and click ACCEPT on the verification message that they send you in Telegram.

Step 2. Ensure that you now see a crown next to your name, you should see this on both the account page as well as in the top bar on any other page.

If you do not yet see the crown you may need to go back to the account page and try clicking the Telegram Login button again until it appears.

Step 3. Now head on over the Master Signals page where you will now see a link to the Telegram signals channel.

Click that link and you will be getting the new Master Trading Signals for 50 top cryptocurrencies and 50 of the most valuable blue chip stocks, sent directly to your device where ever you are in the world.

What started out as us creating a few research and analysis tools for cryptocurrency traders and investors has morphed into a crypto ecosystem of its own.