Paper Money NOT Dead, yet…

It may only be Tuesday afternoon, but we have been busy little beavers over at Moocharoo Ninja, having already uploaded a few updates to Satoshis Mines as well as some epic stuff in the mix that I shall share with you now.

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About two weeks we had to suspend deposits coming into Satoshis Mines via the Coin Payments/PayPal mechanism after a couple of unlikely transactions came through.

This week we have been building out a more elaborate backend admin system with better tools for managing users accounts and keeping track of any unusual activity.

This work was expected to take all week but at the end of only the second day, most of the hard work is completed already.

ALL BALANCES have now been verified and corrected were necessary, and we have found the system so to be good that we have re-opened deposits of old-school paper trash money via PayPal.

Also to make your investment in Satoshis Mines even clearer we added some additional information to the “My Masternodes” page as seen in the image below:

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Further Development

By the end of the week we are also hoping to have completed work on the “Earnings Report” page which will mean that you will be able to see your previous twelve months earnings with Satoshis Mines in a simple and easy to read graph.

And below that will be a full breakdown of recent transactions similar to what you would find in a traditional bank statement. This will include all deposits, withdrawals, weekly earnings and investments into masternodes.

Eventually we are looking to build upon this to allow you to download a simple PDF of all transactions through the tax year to make your tax accounting clear and straight forward in the future.

Coming Up on YouTube

The week before last we were up in Manchester for the annual cryptocurrency event held here in the UK, CoinFest.
While there we got to meet up with a fellow Moocharoo Master Ninja as well as a couple of CEO’s from other blockchain companies.

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It was a great learning experience and I shall be sharing all in this Fridays video on our YouTube channel.

A brief taster…

Some of what will be shared is based on two of the most exciting blockchain companies I saw at CoinFest and also answers to some of the most important questions being asked by members of the Moocharoo Ninja community…
Questions like “Any chance we could get the assets held in Satoshis Mines insured?” and “what happens if you die or go missing, what happens to the funds invested?”

After quizzing a few other blockchain CEO’s (rather tactfully without them realising) we now have some really great solutions we are looking to build into the Moocharoo Ninja ecosystem ASAP!

Feel free to ask further questions in the comments below, questions is what keeps us on our toes ;-)

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What started out as us creating a few research and analysis tools for cryptocurrency traders and investors has morphed into a crypto ecosystem of its own.

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