Satoshis Mines goes Green

This week we have some good news and some bad news, with a twist of good. So no need to be too alarmed…

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Members of the Moocharoo Ninja/Satoshis Mines community have been voting all through the month of May to determine which of the twelve coins nominated would be added for investment on the Satoshis Mines shared masternode hosting platform. And the winner is…

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Yes BitGreen masternodes are now available to be invested into right now over on Satoshis Mines where you can invest with either fiat paper money or the real stuff (bitcoin).

BitGreen has always reminded me a little of Craig Wrights “Bitcoin Satoshis Vision”, i.e. an attempt at a more sustainable, better version of bitcoin.

Not sure I can express my opinion without Craig filing a lawsuit against me, but I actually like BITG more than BSV and feel proof of stake (POS) creates much faster more energy friendly blockchain than proof of work (POW) will ever be able to achieve.

But that is just my personal opinion…

So quick congratulations to BitGreen, well done guys!

Kalkulus has been DELISTED!

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Kalkulus has been with us from the beginning of Satoshis Mines, however we have seen the income go down week after week during this time and finally last week, after subtracting the cost for hosting the masternodes on the VPS, Kalkulus made a loss!

No one invests in masternodes to make a loss, certainly not us. So having been keeping a cautious eye on Kalkulus these past few weeks, this was the straw that broke the camels back. Kalkulus was swiftly delisted and the masternode stakes will be sold off over the next few days.

Here is that twist of good news I spoke about.

Rather than just allowing these under performing masternodes to continue draining away profits, we have nipped this in the bud nice and early so that we can free up those funds and get them re-invested into more profitable masternodes ASAP!

So, if you are one of those investors with a stake in a Kalkulus masternode, please make sure your masternode priority list is in order ready to have your funds re-invested. Perhaps the newly added Bitcoin Green would be a nice addition to your portfolio?

What NEW coin will be added next month?

We have run our algorithm on all the coins listed on and have found the following 12 coins to be the most stable and profitable masternodes coins available that are not already listed on Satoshis Mines.

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Now it is over to you, have your say and vote for the coins you would like to see added by this time next month.


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