Vote for your favourite Masternode at Satoshis Mines

If you didn’t yet know, Satoshis Mines has just added a new voting feature that allows members to vote for their favourite masternodes? The masternode with the most votes at the end of each month will then be added into the Satoshis Mines ecosystem.

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Every month the Satoshis Mines algorithm analyses all of the masternode coins on to find the 12 coins with the most stable growth potential.

Then the Moocharoo Ninja community votes on the ones they would most like to see get added to the platform.

At the end of the month the masternode coin with the most votes is added to the Satoshis Mines list of available masternodes and the algorithm runs again.


Satoshis Mines is a platform built by the Moocharoo Ninja team as part of the Moocharoo Ninja crypto analysis and investment tools. It allows members to invest into quality masternodes that they could not otherwise afford by crowdfunding stakes with other members.

The minimum investment is $100 in either crypto or fiat and the minimum stake a member can own in any masternode is 1%.
Masternode rewards paid out at the end of each week.

Plus members that have upgraded their Moocharoo Ninja membership to Master Ninja have the added benefit of compounded capital growth as explained in the video below:


Do you feel the Satoshis Mines algorithm might have overlooked a great masternode project?
Please let us know in the comments below…

We know there are many projects not yet listed on and we would love to hear about them, thanks we appreciate your contribution…

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What started out as us creating a few research and analysis tools for cryptocurrency traders and investors has morphed into a crypto ecosystem of its own.

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